Pure Perception

Pure Perception - Eyespiration

“Everything in this world is a reflection of you” - Bali, January 2013.

It may seem ironic or contradictory that detailed pictures of so-called reality become vehicles for moving us beyond ordinary perceptions - Dr. Duane Preble


Eyespiration is a way to unrestricted awareness taught by ancient Taoist and buddhist philosophy, reawakening the sense of wonder. Aren't we all looking for a manual to free ourselves of mind-numbing, predigested, media-generated views of reality?

Eyespiration is a hands-on method I've been working on with groups and face-to-face sessions since 2013. Participants use a smartphone or camera, or they take a 'mind picture'. During my research on how I experience my 'photography zen' I noticed similarities with mindfulness or meditation, and with the way how children view the world. You could say Eyespiration is to meditate with Eyes open, allowing you to Be in the Moment fully, without the woowoo and long sit downs.

Eyespiration Photography and PhotoTherapy reduce stress. Taking an Eyespiration Photo Walk regularly will prevent burnout and depression. It's a simple way of using the here and now, to stop the (personal) suffering the Buddha speaks about.


In short: Eyespiration is a talk as well as an active outdoor workshop. The talk focuses on how Eyespiration changes your perception of the world. The workshop is a walk outside, teaching participants how to See Pure with Fresh Eyes. (no fancy camera necessary)

“When you're inspired you attract abundance.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Now let's

  • Get active.
  • Eat. More vegetables and fruit, less meat and sugar.
  • Express yourself.
  • Start a project - and create new memories!


Eyespiration PhotoTherapy 1-on-1 Coaching

Visual Consultancy create new energy and insights.

Eyespiration Photo Walks, group workshop. Private coaching/walking available.

Mindfulness & Photography Trips: we travel to Bali, New York, Paris, London. You can book me for a private daily workshop at every destination, cruise or vacation.

Travelblogger with Eyespiration. Creative Copy Writing of Authentic Branded Content. Available for mystery hotel guest & press trips worldwide.

‘Melanie has been the official photographer for the San Francisco Writers Conference for nearly a decade. Yet she always comes to the event with fresh eyes and ways to maximize her efforts. She captures the highlights of the event that are so crucial to us for marketing. But when she suggested conducting her Eyespiration Walk, it became one of the highest rated sessions of the entire conference!

Melanie is much more than an excellent photographer, she becomes part of the family.’

Barbara Santos, SFWC Marketing Director